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Konrad Lorenz was one of the leading founders of the field of ethology. Many scientists, students and lay people were first introduced to the observation and understanding of animals through his book King Solomon's Ring. His discoveries and theoretical considerations inspired a large body of scientific endeavors. Lorenz was a pioneer who developed a new seminal approach to the understanding of animals and animal behavior within evolutionary science. The main focus of the project is on the scientific heritage of Lorenz's work but his relation to the changing cultural and political milieu in his lifetime will also be explored.

On this website we strive to make as much information on Konrad Lorenz and his work freely available as possible. However, there is still a lot to do, still many of his papers are waiting to be OCRed, we also intend to open the large photo collection to the public. We hope to get the rights to publish his books online. The projects are too numerous to list here but we hope this gives you an idea of our intent.

We believe it is important to make scientific knowledge freely accessible to everyone, and your financial support will help us to fulfill this aim. Every donation, large or small, will help us to continue this work.

Thank you.

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